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When you register you receive a dedicated local mobile number in your country which is setup to receive messages through SKYO. This will be the number your followers will send you messages.


In order for your followers to know about this unique opportunity it is important to use social media, blogs and other channels to let your followers know how they can get in touch.


Now that the followers know your phone number you can share and provide personal information with them and other insights they otherwise would not get. Create bonds, advice and make new friends.

Some of our profiles



I do karate, take care of my body, play pokemon and am up to playing all other sorts of games. Want to chat or photos, you know what to do...

Price: 29 NOK per recieved message
Age: 18+

SMS +47 41 71 63 06



Want to achieve results you did not expect or just to get in a better shape? I can support, guide and ensure you reach your goals.

Price: 29 NOK per recieved message
Age: all

SMS +47 59 44 44 00



After shaking media by sharing revealing images, Lene has put her services on the map in many countries.

Price: 29 NOK per recieved message
Age: 18+

SMS +47 59 44 45 25


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Some questions and answers

How do I get users?

If you have any social media accounts like snapchat, instagram, facebook or an active blog we recommend promoting it as part of both your stories but also as part of how the artivle to get a better reach. Always remember to inform about the price and if there are special terms such as age limited content.

I receive messages from users that they have sent a message but I canont see them

Most likely the user has not registered his/her credit card details in order to be billed for the communication. Please advise them to register this in one of the reminders/messages received from you.

When do I get paid?

We pay your earnings each month on the 20th with the basis of what you made the previous month.

If you do have other questions then please send us an email to